Wolf-Blood Chronicles

The Wolf-Blood Chronicles are great for people who like wolves action adventure and cyborgs hope you like the web page


Wolf-Blood is very formidible watch out enemies

Wolf-Blood mainly draws his strength from the ten elements(fire, water, wind, earth, light, lava, ice, lightning, steel, chaos) but weilds his sword the Everblade as well which has two sides(Wolf-Blood and Savior). Was origenaly Savior but mutate due to toxic waste.


Panther-Blood is Wolf-Blood's apprentice not to strong... yet

Panther-Blood used to be Wolf-Blood's apprentice before Wolf-Blood fused with Treely.He is commander of the elemants as Wolf-Blood has more adventures.


Cyberwolf is preaty good... at cheating

Cyberwolf is a cyborg that used to be known as Wolf-Bone but most of his body burned in the celestial fyre so it got reapleced by robot peices. He used to use chaos magyk but that knowledge dissapeared with his body.


Triston has just returned... he dosen't know what is going on yet

Triston was banished to the voidX and is trying to take control of the ten universes. He uses chaos magyk but mainly leaves the dirty work to his xelors time wisards.

The two brothers Wolf-Blood and Cyberwolf

School of Wolf-Blood

This is about how Wolf-Blood thinks it all started

The Quest

Wolf-Blood is looking for Wolf-Bone as he discovers more about his powers

Infiltrate the pyrimid

Wolf-Blood is infiltrating Triston's domain

The Quest 2

Wolf-Blood has a brief glimpse of his past and searches for answers meeting the VOIDMASTER

Triston's revenge

Triston comes back posessed by the VOIDMASTER

Hunting Panther-Blood

Triston joins their team as the VOIDMASTER posesses Panther-Blood

I Remember

Panther-Blood is back and Wolf-Blood remembers his past

The good pirates

Wolf-Blood goes missing and comes back a fugitive

Wolf-Blood Eternal

Wolf-Blood is sucked into the AnglezarkX by a wormhole and finds new powers

The road for the map

Wolf-Blood learns Treely may not be dead and sets out to find him

The Awakend eye

Wolf-Blood absorbs Teelys curse and alters the future forver

Wolves in the past

Cyberwolf goes to the past and tries to drestroy Wolf-Blood but Wolf-Blood follows and meets the eye of the wolf

The Clock

Yugi the eye of the wolf makes a clock to make the past present and future one

Darkness prevails

Wolf-Blood is brainsweapt and has to deafeat the person responsible

The Ten Sons

Wolf-Blood has to find the ten sons before the VOIDMASTER now known as Cromeum finds them

The final battle

Wolf-Blood having hte ten sons kills Treely and fights Cromeum and wins

Into Space

Wolf-Blood hears word there is a universe beyond the only surviving planet and assembles a fleet to find it

I shall win!

Wolf-Blood discovers that the universe is controled by Wolf-Bone and his fleet fight back but he falls into the VOID STAR


Wolf-Blood is alone in the VOID STAR with Cromeum and fights him for a year without rest

Fungus Rot

Verse 1

You stink you smell it's fungus rot I want to kick you in the shins mouldy potatoes seawage bleach they all have fungus rot we shoot them off into space and never see them again

Eat Mosquito


Eat Mosquito Eat Eat Mosquito Eat Tick Eat Eat Tick Eat Wasp Eat Eat Wasp Eat Spider Eat Eat Spider Eat Person Eat Eat Person Eat House Eat Eat House Eat City Eat Eat City Eat County Eat Eat County Eat State Eat Eat State Eat Country Eat Eat Country Eat Tectonic Plate Eat Eat Tectonic Plate Eat Continent Eat Eat Continent Eat Planet Eat Eat Planet Eat Solor System Eat Eat Solor System Eat Galexy Eat Eat Galexy Eat Universe Eat Eat Universe Throw it all up Throw Throw it all up